History and mistery tour

Претходна Следећи History and mistery tour Location: Topola, Gorovic, Šume On this tour, we will visit some new tourist routes and sights forgotten by the past, but they carry interesting stories about the past and are certainly worth paying attention to. We will visit Gorovic the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, near Topola and […]

Zimnica trail

Zimnica tour

Претходна Следећи Zimnica trail Zimnica trail You will know the way of life of the villagers if you enter the charming homes as dear and welcome guests and experience the honest Hospitality of Serbian hosts If you want to taste traditional Serbian cuisine, do it at the place where it comes from – traditional Serbian […]

Wines with a blessing

Претходна Следећи Wines with a blessing Despotika winery Despotika Winery is located near Smederevska Palanka, in the northeastern part of Sumadija, once covered with thick deciduous forests. It belongs to the Šumadija region and from the winery itself, the view stretches across the valley of the Jasenica river, which flows through this area, to Avala, […]

Wines from Royal court

Претходна Следећи Wines from Royal court Topola, Oplenac & Vinca Royal winery, winery Aleksandrovic & Arsenijevic Serbian Tuscany Welcome to the story of the first vineyards that have been planted by the kings, a tradition preserved from their ancestors, tastes and scents of fertile soil, fresh fruits, autochthonous grape varieties, stunning nature of beautiful “ […]

Premium Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Претходна Следећи Premium wine tasting From the time immemorial the rolling hills of Oplenac were used to cultivate vines. A place of origin of the family Aleksandrovic has deep connections whit the ancient past. During the Roman times that place was called Vincea, while in the Middle Ages it was called Vinica. Today the place […]

Off the beaten path Gastro tour

Gastro tour – It looks simple, but it actually hides many secrets. Its diversity of taste, aroma, texture and color is huge.


Walk on a royal ground – our tour includes actor playing a role and character of some of the most interesting persons from Serbian history.