Premium wine tasting

From the time immemorial the rolling hills of Oplenac were used to cultivate vines. A place of origin of the family Aleksandrovic has deep connections whit the ancient past. During the Roman times that place was called Vincea, while in the Middle Ages it was called Vinica. Today the place is called Vinca – which is a direct connection and association with the main activity of the local population. At the beginning of the XX century nearby Vinca, the Vencac Winemaking Cooperative was founded, as well as the vineyards and cellar of the Serbian and Yugoslav kings Peter I and Alexander I Karadjordjevic, who spread the glory of wines from Oplenac far and wide, throughout Europe.

Aleksandrović Family

The Aleksandrovic family cultivates vines and makes wines for more than a century. From the very beginning they cooperated closely with the royal viticulturists and cellar masters and were also among founders of the Vencac Winemaking Cooperative. Our great grandfather Milos Aleksandrovic was one of the founders of Vencac Winegrowers Cooperative in 1903 and until the beginning of World War Two the family had 30,000 vines. The tradition had been continued by our grandfathers Zivota and Aleksandar Aleksandrovic.

When in 1992, a famous royal cellar master Zivan Tadic, who emigrated to Canada after the World War Two, learned that the family Aleksandrovic reinvigorates winemaking traditions of the Oplenac region, he sent to Vinca the original recipe of ‘Trijumf’ [eng. Triumph] – the best wine of the royal cellars, that was enjoyed before the World War Two on many royal courts of Europe. Based on the old yellow manuscript we started creating new pages of the long family history of viticulture and winemaking, strongly relying on the experience of our ancestors, scientific results and latest technological advances.

The family Aleksandrovic with its wines is the leading Serbian private winery at present and it produces the wines exclusively from the grapes grown in its own 75 ha of vineyards. Vineyards are grouped into three locations – Vinca, Jezevac and Bokanja – all within a range of a few kilometres from the winery, but which are characterized by different microclimates and type of soil. Soil types where the vineyards are planted belong to the brown forest soil and vertisol. These soils are light to medium heavy with good water permeability and excellent physical and chemical properties. They are characterized by a low humus level which in a combination with a gentle fertilization results in low yields and the best quality of the grapes. Jezevac hill is particularly characterized by its skeletal soil structure. On this specific location, the soil has very low content of humus but is rich in stones.


  • Mon-Su 09.00-16.00
  • Time is flexible and depends upon prior agreement

What’s include

  • TRANSFERS with the vehicle from the highest business segment with Wi-Fi connection and refreshment
  • Tour of Oplenac – Church of St. George 
  • Vineyard of the Aleksandrovic winery
  • Tour of the winery
  • Premium tasting with a complete lunch – 6 dishes, 8 premium line glasses of wine
  • Guide during the tour