History and mistery tour

Location: Topola, Gorovic, Šume

On this tour, we will visit some new tourist routes and sights forgotten by the past, but they carry interesting stories about the past and are certainly worth paying attention to. We will visit Gorovic the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, near Topola and the old walls that tell legends about heroes, armies that passed by it, weddings and forbidden loves with architectural details that take your breath away.

The remains of the church dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ are located in the village cemetery in the village of Gorovič near Topola. There are no significant mentions of her in historical sources, which greatly complicates dating. According to popular tradition, the church was built by the despot Stefan Lazarevic on the eve of his departure for the Battle of Nikopol in 1396. Judging by its architectural features and stylistic peculiarities, it is certainly from the time that tradition speaks of, from the end of the 14th or the beginning of the 15th century and belongs to the Moravian architectural school.

We discover and interpret the symbols that the passing of time has left us, we visit the sources of ice water, and we also leave our mark in the hay by driving tractors through beautiful landscapes.

The stories take us back to the 14th century, when the church was most likely built, and then to the 19th century in order to visit another invaluable building under the protection of the state.

Where did the “knez” of Lepenica live?

How was the tax collected and how did the “knez” mount his horse? With the help of what? All the 200-year-old objects are waiting for us to touch them and feel the spirit of the past.

The stories never end.

The house of Milutin Georgijević in Gorović was built in 1839, and it belonged to the prince – “knez” of Lepenica, Milutin Georgijević – Žabarac. Built of hard material, with numerous decorative details and ornaments. This house is one of the most beautiful buildings of our nationa architecture from the first half of the 19th century.

Serving in the house – specialties of local cuisine, and we will also visit small village of Šume, where the most beautiful bread in the area smells. We taste it with cheese cream or “ kajmak “and homemade cheese.

Note: The tour is seasonal and is organized from the beginning of March to the end of October. It is also possible to organize the tour in the winter period, upon request and in agreement with clients, with partial changes in the itinerary depending on weather conditions.


  • Groups only – min. 10 pax for tour realization


  • 1st March to 31st October
    • Mon-Su 09.00-17.00
    • Time is flexible and depends upon prior agreement
  • 1st November to 28th February – upon request
  • Individual guests – upon request and prior agreement

What’s include:

  • RT transfers Belgrade –Topola – Belgrade
  • Professional guide and actor performances during the tour (actor-upon request and avaibility)
  • Sightseeing of the mentioned localities
  • Domestic specialties and refreshment drinks
  • All entering tickets