The art of

carving fruits and vegetables

In the village of Ovsište near Topola, a young lady reveals a secret that you will enjoy with all your senses.

Surrounded by nature, be a participant in picking fruits and vegetables and learn the little secrets of the great masters!

With Anna to the perfect jar of colorful winter salad!

The stay and workshops are organized by agreement and include a half-day or full-day stay in the household. Also, the number of participants is limited and depending on the size of the group, the duration of the workshop and stay is also upon agreement. The workshops are seasonal. Workshop also include sightseeing of Topola and Oplenac.

For You, we can organize a complete organization of events in this facility:

  • Transportation (during the workshop)

  • Professional guide during sightseeing

  • Tickets for Endowment of King Peter the 1st in Topola

  • Organization of an educational workshop with food and drinks